Warehousing & Distribution


Located in Independence, Kentucky, our three million cubic foot state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facility keeps produce and floral fresh and at peak quality during its brief stay en route to retail and foodservice operations. With capacity for over 155 truckloads of product per week, our highly-experienced teams move your product in and out efficiently while maintaining cold chain integrity. Our product inventory turns over 150x a year. Faster turns mean fresher product, which means more satisfied shoppers and higher sales for you. 

Multiple storage zones for freshness and quality

    • Dedicated organic zones certified to QAI standards
    • Eight different climate zones
    • State-of-the-art banana ripening rooms
    • Ethylene-free lettuce and floral zones
    • Wet box with galvanized steel racking and stainless-steel drip pans

Infrastructure and processes to facilitate handling and ensure cold chain integrity

    • Gravity-fed racking
    • Speed doors
    • 60’ dock depth for staging inbound and outbound loads
    • State-of-the-art warehouse Management Information System
    • Creative cross-dock and forward distribution solutions

Industry certifications assure food safety, traceability, and organic produce integrity

    • SQF Level 2 certified
    • QAI Certified Organic Distributor/RePacker
    • Produce Traceability Initiative Compliant
    • GS1-US member


Crosset Company delivers exceptional distribution and logistics solutions that simplify your supply chain. Our network, resources, relationships, and expertise allow us to procure, receive, store, build, and redistribute loads with unsurpassed precision, care, and efficiency. From our Independence, Kentucky distribution hub, we provide next day direct-store-delivery (DSD) and distribution center replenishment to grocery retail, wholesale, and foodservice customers across the eastern half of the U.S. As part of the Castellini Group of Companies, we leverage the entire Castellini footprint to solve your toughest supply chain challenges.

From growing region to retail display, we transport produce and floral at the proper temperature and with care

    • Our company-owned transportation equipment is designed and maintained to protect the freshness and quality of the delicate, perishable cargo it carries. Plus, our drivers understand the urgency and challenges inherent in moving produce and floral products. You can count on Crosset Company for superior, high-touch service that delivers on-time, accurate orders of fresh, high quality produce and floral every day.

Don’t miss out on retail sales

    • If you are a specialty or smaller organic grower struggling to get LTL loads to a central distribution location in order to cost-effectively supply your customers, we’ll create innovative in-bound load consolidation and forward distribution solutions just for you.
    • If you’re a retailer or foodservice distributor and have trucks already heading to our locations, we can cross-dock product for you to pick up. Plus, if you run short of items for whatever reason, we’ll more than likely have in-house inventory that can backfill your needs.
    • We’re nimble, agile, and creative. We simplify your supply chain, delivering fresher, delighting your shoppers, and driving profitable growth.

Crosset Company Distribution Area