Value-Added & Fresh Cut Produce


Bananas, tomatoes, and avocados are three of the largest and fastest moving categories in the produce department. And shoppers want to buy them ripe and ready to eat. With over 26 state-of the-art ripening rooms across the Castellini Group of Companies, generations of ripening expertise, and soft-touch sorting technology, you can order with confidence, knowing the Crosset Company will consistently deliver uniform ripeness, color, size, quality, and freshness.

  • Bananas: We ripen over 30 loads of bananas per week, including conventional, organic, and Fair Trade, and offer the leading banana brands every day, as well as private label.
  • Tomatoes: Our tomato ripening and re-packing operation is among the most extensive in the Midwest. We sort, wash, ripen, and pack both conventional and organic tomatoes, in over 30 different configurations and varieties, including round, Roma, grape, cherry, hot-house, yellow, and on-the-vine, in bulk, clam shell, layer, tray wrapped, and tube packaging. Year-round sourcing and centralized procurement ensures reliable supply and high quality every day.
  • Avocados: Our ripening experts know how and when to adjust the avocado conditioning process based on seasonal and country of origin differences. Zone heating and cooling within each of our rooms provides optimum temperature control that maintains the consistency of avocados at various stages of ripeness, thus providing greater flexibility to meet customer demand. We work with our customers to develop customized pre-conditioning and ripening programs to consistently meet their needs and drive category growth.


Innovative packaging and branding is driving produce category growth. Shoppers are looking for smaller, grab-and-go packs. Retailers are differentiating through private label brands. Certified organic produce requires special handling and packaging. Yet, for individual grower-shippers, this can create complexity and cost within their supply chain.

Crosset Company eliminates this complexity and creates value for growers, customers, and shoppers alike through extensive in-house packaging capabilities which can be customized to meet any marketing requirement:

  • Leading-edge sorting, sizing, and packing equipment
  • Master carton breakdown and repacking
  • Customized track packs for potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and more
  • Extensive tomato packaging options, including clam shell, layer, tray, and tube
  • Private Label bagging of potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, citrus, and avocados
  • Crosset House Brand organic red and yellow potatoes

Fresh Cut Fruit & Vegetables

Through Club Chef, the fresh-cut division of the Castellini Group, Crosset Company offers a broad range of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products to meet the growing consumer demand for fresh, delicious, healthy foods that are ready-to-eat and convenient to prepare. Club Chef rigorously follows the highest food safety standards, ensuring everything we make is all-natural, thoroughly washed, and ready to serve or add to favorite recipes. Sliced, diced, shredded, or peeled, retail and foodservice customers enjoy the labor and time savings; plus, consumers enjoy the freshness, flavor, and convenience!

  • Over 600 fresh-cut items, including trays, salad and cooking blends, salsa and guacamole, kits, single-serve, and more
  • In-house Culinary Chef and product development expertise for customer-driven new product development
  • Private label and contract packaging capability
  • Multiple state-of-the-art processing lines in two locations ensure significant capacity and next-day delivery of the freshest, highest quality products