Retail & Wholesale Grocery

Independent Retailers

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We help independent retailers, including co-op, organic/natural food, and conventional grocery stores, create signature produce and floral departments.

A superior organic produce program is the centerpiece of competitive advantage for organic, natural, and conventional stores alike. Our scale, procurement expertise, grower relationships, and logistics network give independent retailers unparalleled access to the best certified organic produce available. Combined with our full line of conventional and seasonal locally grown produce, Crosset Company is your one-stop-shop for total produce department assortment, quality, freshness, and value that will differentiate you from everyone else.

We don’t just deliver product. Our dedicated sales teams and merchandisers help you grow your business by providing customized assortment, merchandising, promotion, education, and other resources to optimize your business regardless of size.

Supermarket Chains

We service some of the largest retail grocery chains in the country, both direct to store and through distribution center replenishment. Together with our retailers, we customize a total produce program from field to store that differentiates and delivers results. Large supermarket operations of all types rely on our comprehensive assortment, generations of experience, expansive network, and high-touch service to deliver fresher, delight shoppers, simplify the supply chain, and drive profitable produce department growth.

Our centralized procurement team and extensive grower and customer network allow us to maintain a reliable, always-fresh inventory of regionally and seasonally best certified organic fruits and vegetables and conventionally-grown produce from the most recognized growers here at home and around the world. Our volume and velocity means you have access to the freshest, highest quality produce every day.

Grocery Wholesalers

We offer grocery wholesalers a premier organic produce program to support their stores’ organic assortment and selection at retail locations. With our scale, procurement expertise, broad assortment, private label and custom packaging solutions, ripening capabilities, and more, we provide the quality, freshness, and value your customers need to succeed.