Produce Innovation to Support Your Vision

Crosset Company helps foodservice distributors, operators, and home delivery services meet the sky-rocketing demand for produce-centric meals, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh-prepared meals, and menu innovation. From organic to conventional, from whole fresh to fresh cut, from fruits to vegetables, we’ve got you covered.

Convenience Delivered

Sliced, diced, shredded, or peeled, foodservice customers enjoy the labor and time savings. Consumers enjoy the nutrition, freshness, and flavor. Through Club Chef, the fresh-cut division of the Castellini Group, Crosset Company offers a broad range of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products to meet the growing consumer demand for fresh, delicious, healthy foods. Club Chef rigorously follows the highest food safety standards, ensuring everything we make is all-natural, thoroughly washed, and ready to serve or add to favorite recipes.

  • Over 600 fresh-cut items, including trays, salad and cooking blends, salsa and guacamole, kits, single-serve, and more
  • In-house Culinary Chef and product development expertise for customer-driven new product development
  • Multiple state-of-the-art processing lines in two locations (Covington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia) ensure significant capacity and next-day delivery of the freshest, highest quality products